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5 reasons why I love silver clay!

If you have spent any time looking through my website or social media channels you will quickly discover that I am a self confessed silver clay addict!

I discovered this incredible material in 2017, and even now I still am mesmerised by the transformation that takes place from a dull grey lump of clay to a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Read on to find out what exactly is silver clay, reasons why I love it!

1) It's made from Recycled Silver!

So what exactly is silver clay? Silver clay is made from very fine particles of silver, that have been recycled from many industries including the medical and communication industries.

These partials are mixed with a non toxic, organic binder and water to make the clay.

When the jewellery made from the clay is fired it is hallmark quality 999. pure silver, also known as fine silver.

As the clay is made from recycled silver it is a more earth friendly way of making jewellery.

By using recycled silver in the clay there is less of a demand on the consumption of natural resources. The silver clay will be turned in to a thing of beauty, that will last forever, rather than being dumped in a landfill that again would be damaging to our beautiful planet.

2) Waste not, want not!

One of the things I really love about silver clay is there is no waste with this product. If I am making something and its not quite going to plan I can just squish it up and start again! Even in the dry clay stage if something breaks ( it can be quite fragile at this stage so it can happen) Or isn't how I planned I can grind it up and reconstitute it, by adding a little water to make it either in to a paste or back to clay. I even collect up the little dust from sanding the clay pieces to reconstitute at a later time.

3) Endless possibilities

As the silver clay is a malleable material, you can make anything your heart desires, it even comes in a paper form version if you fancy trying your hand in making some silver origami!

Some of my favourite techniques include:

Sculpting the clay I use this to make little my little pumpkins, fairy doors and houses.

Making castings of real pieces of nature like my Sycamore seed pieces.

Making beautiful keepsake jewellery with finger prints and paw prints to treasure for ever,

Or using moulds like the ones I use to make my fairy wing earrings.

You can even set stones and glass cabochons for something a little extra special.

The possibilities really are endless!

4) Uniquely beautiful.

Each piece of jewellery lovingly hand made from the silver clay, making each piece is unique with little subtle differences even in the pieces in the same design. I can never replicate any of the designed exactly due to the fact they are handmade, I love that the pieces I make are all as uniquely beautiful as you.

5) Make it personal

One of the beautiful things about silver clay is that you can capture something deeply personal in pure silver to treasure forever, such as; a loved ones finger print, your child's first drawing, a precious pets paw print, the lace from your wedding dress or even that little shell from your honeymoon or first date. Some of the most rewarding pieces I have made have been these sentimental treasures. I feel incredibly honoured that my fantastic customers have entrusted me to make such a deeply personal piece of jewellery for them.

So there you have it. I could happily ramble on all day about my love affair with silver clay!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the reasons why I am such a huge fan. If you have any questions about the clay I use, or the processes please do drop me a message, I would be more than happy to share my knowledge.

Thank you for reading my latest post.

Best wishes

Emma x

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