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Hello there!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

How are you doing?

What a strange year 2020 has been so far. Hope you are doing OK?

I promised myself at the start of the year to set up my blog, but life kind of ran away with me with home schooling, jewellery designing and making, and general lock down, living there never seemed to be time.

In the blink of an eye we are now into July already. So I though to myself, Emma stop procrastinating and get writing. As they say there's no time like the present, right? So here we are, finally!

So without further ado I wish you a very warm welcome to my shiny new blog.

I thought I would begin telling you a little bit about myself and how I discovered my passion for jewellery making.

I live in a little village just outside Newbury, Berkshire. I have lived in this area all of my life. It is such a beautiful place to live with gorgeous woodlands and rolling countryside. This has been such an inspiration to me in my designs (more of that later).

I live with my wonderful husband and my three children, two boys aged 15, 12 ( almost 13) and our little girl who has recently turned 3 years old. We also have a little rescue cat called Mimi Shadow, who decided that she wanted us to be her new family (her name is what happens when you let a 3 year old name a pet!!). Family means everything to me and I am happiest when we are all together in our little home or exploring the countryside.

So how did I get into jewellery making? I have always been very creative and love making things. Many, many years ago when my boys were small I was given a little necklace with their finger prints cast into pure silver. I promised myself one day I would learn how to do this myself. Fast forward 8 years, throw in a few major life changes in the mix and I finally got the chance.

In 2017 I attended a weekend course in making Keepsake jewellery from Silver clay. From that moment on I was hooked.

Silver Clay is an absolutely awesome product made from very fine filaments of silver that have been recycled from the communication and medical industries.

These partials of fine silver are then mixed with water and an organic non toxic binder to make the silver clay.

This clay can be shaped and moulded in to anything your heart desires. Then, and this is where the magic really happens folks, when the clay is fired (in a kiln or hand fired) the binder is burned away and all that is left is your beautiful design in pure, hallmark quality silver.

I use the brand FYI silver clay in my designs, this particular brand of Eco- metal clay is manufactured in The EU. There are two other brands of clay available- Art Clay and PMC, and its just a personal preference as to which one to use.

I still make keepsake jewellery upon request, but now mainly make my own range of jewellery designs, in my little workshop at the bottom of my garden.

As I mentioned earlier I am a huge lover of nature. Being in the woods, surrounded by trees is absolutely my special place. This is reflected in many of my designs. I use real pieces of nature, that I cast in the silver clay to capture the natural beauty to treasure forever.

I always feel there is something so magical about the natural world. My little girl also feels the same way and has recently been so interested in fairies and all things magic, as most little girls are (some of us never grow out of it). Seeing the world through her eyes of wonder and awe has inspired me to create my latest enchanted collection of jewellery, with delicate hand sculpted fairy houses and hand painted fairy wing jewellery.

Jewellery making is my absolute passion. I really feel that I have found my calling. I love everything about the process, from coming up with design ideas to seeing them come to fruition, from a dull lump of clay into a unique and stunning piece of jewellery. But that wouldn't be possible without the support of you guys. To each and every person that shares my work on social media, every one that has brought my jewellery or recommended me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You help keep my dream and my little business alive.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first ever blog post. I hope you have gotten to know me a little better and enjoyed reading my story so far.

Join me next time when I will be talking about my exciting new partnership with One Tree Planted.

Much love and sparkles,

Emma x

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