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Hello there, 

I am very proud to introduce to you my own range of ethically made jewellery, inspired by nature, Jewellery by Emma Roy. 

Here is my story of how I got here!

Ever since I can recall I have had a love of jewellery, and all things sparkly. I have fondly been nicknamed the little magpie because of this, by my friends and family. 

In 2017 after the birth of my third child, I decided I wanted to have a change of career, I have always had a passion for making things and loved making pieces of jewellery as gifts. I wanted to learn more so I joined the Keepsake guild and learned how to make keepsake, fingerprint jewellery. On this very course I discovered the most amazing product called silver clay.  

This very boring looking lump of clay is specially made with an organic binder, mixed with pure silver particles, that once shaped and fired turns in to beautiful silver pieces- the process was like magic to me- made even better by the fact it is a recycled by-product. 

As well as making the keepsake jewellery, I began to experiment and created castings from natural objects, From a little shell found on a balmy summer day in Bournemouth, to castings of leaves and berries I found in the hedgerows near my home. My love of Nature quickly became my inspiration to create my own range of jewellery designs.

In 2018 I joined the Jewellers Academy to expand my skill set and learn new techniques, this has allowed me to make my jewellery in many different ways, including my original love of silver clay.

I am passionate about creating jewellery that is not only beautiful, but also ethically produced. 

I source my gemstones used in my designs very carefully from selected fair trade and ethical suppliers.

 Where possible I use recycled silver, including silver clay.

As well as my jewellery being ethically made,  my packaging is also eco friendly, made with recycled materials and FSC approved. I believe beautiful jewellery, shouldn't cost the earth.

Each and every piece of jewellery I make has been lovingly hand made to order.  I also love a challenge so if you have an idea for a design or you would like a different size or stone in one of my own designs I would be more than happy to help, Just send me a  message and I can create you your very own unique piece of jewellery.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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Much Love

Emma x

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