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Eco friendly and Ethical jewellery

As a small business owner I feel it is so important to be responsible and ecologically aware when it comes to the impact we create on the environment .

I am inspired by the beauty and wonder of the natural world, and I want to do my bit to preserve our beautiful planet.

That is why I only source my materials and gemstones used in my designs from likeminded fair trade businesses, and do all I can to reuse, reduce and recycle.


I am very conscious of reducing waste and reuse and recycle as much as I possibly can.

I used recycled silver chains in my designs where possible, sourced from suppliers in the UK.

The silver clay I use to create my jewellery is an amazing eco-friendly product that is made from recycled silver particles and is manufactured in the EU.


My packaging is eco friendly, I do not use plastic in my packaging at all, and my boxes not only look pretty, but are also eco-friendly.

I have sourced boxes that have been made using recycled materials that are FSC approved.

I do my best to limit the use of paper, and when I need to I only use recycled paper.

That is why I prefer to correspond and send via email,

All of my marketing collateral (Business cards/ flyers) have been printed on  recycled card.

Even the envelopes used to send your beautiful new piece of jewellery in will be made from recycled paper.


I ensure the gemstones I use are Ethically sourced and only use trusted suppliers for my materials 

I share your concerns about ethically produced products and I  do my utmost to ensure that the products I make use materials that come from trusted and ethical suppliers.

All the gemstones I use are absolutely genuine semi-precious or precious gemstones and are tested by my trusted supplier but not certificated. 

When working with suppliers I feel strongly that I have all of the information about the processes involved in sourcing the stones, before using them in my jewellery designs. 

Here are a few routine questions I ask:

  • What are the working conditions like of the miners?  (Do employees have access to good ventilation, health care, and do they have reasonable working conditions and reasonable working hours.)

  • Does the supplier of the gem stones abide by all local laws ( with regards to pollution control and liceincing)

  • Does the supplier maintain a membership in any trade organisations

  • Does the buisness use recycled metals. Can they provide any provenance for these metals. Alternatively does the company use ethically mined metals

  • Photos of the work site where the gemstones are sourced.

If you would like to know more or have any further questions about how I ensure my jewellery is ethical and eco friendly, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


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